General instructions for section A

Image titles have to be in English. Do NOT use ALL CAPS for image titles.

Only color photos are allowed in section A.

An example of correctly filled form

Please remeber: File size of each individual photo should not exceed 3MB. The maximum width can be 1920px, and the maximum height can be 1080px.

The image title (left field) should be a real title of your picture.

Correct example: Lady in the shadows

Wrong example: IMG_8475 or John-Smith-a1

File name (right field) must be combined from author's name, author's surname, section letter and image number. Only English letters (a-z) are allowed. For example: Third image from John Smith to Handicap section would be named John-Smith-b2.jpg.

Correct example: John-Smith-b2.jpg

Wrong example: My super nice photo.jpg